Why I Decided to Blog

Inspired by my graduate work in Principal Leadership and Supervision, I wanted a space to share my successes, failures, ideas, thoughts, opinions, and innovations in education. As a special educator and future school leader, It is my goal to improve instructional practice beyond my classroom. I want to inspire and share special education strategies that are… Continue reading Why I Decided to Blog


Interactive Place Value Mini-Lessons

I LOVE Place Value I love teaching place value! But more than teaching it, I love seeing my students discover the wonderful patterns in our number system. Math isn't about memorizing steps, it's about discovery and connections. It's that mindset that drives my lessons. Below are some fun lessons to help that light bulb go… Continue reading Interactive Place Value Mini-Lessons

First Days of School

Resource Room September Welcome Letter to Parents

I am trilled to begin the new school year! Each year I change my welcome letter based on the changes I am implementing in the classroom. I am always looking for ways to be innovative and shift my instruction for student success. This is what I have created for this school year. I do plan… Continue reading Resource Room September Welcome Letter to Parents

Classroom Design, Classroom DIY

Classroom DIY: Magnetic Dry Erase Tables

Making Shifts in My Classroom Design This year I am making numerous shifts in my classroom design. I want to create a space that fosters deeper learning and collaboration. The first major shift in my classroom is getting rid of the desks.  I tend to go big, or go home. With that being said, I… Continue reading Classroom DIY: Magnetic Dry Erase Tables

First Days of School, Writing

Classroom Lesson on Uniqueness and Inner Beauty

Sometimes, the best lessons don't come from books... A Lesson From Mother Nature: The Individual Beauty of Seashells Last year, while walking down a gorgeous beach on Captiva Island, a lesson idea popped into my mind. As I gathered shells, I noticed the individual beauty of each one. The color, shape, and design of each shell… Continue reading Classroom Lesson on Uniqueness and Inner Beauty


Shifting My Thoughts on Writing Instruction

Using Exemplar Writing the WRONG Way Last night I attended a graduate class which ultimately inspired this post. During our class time the professor provided feedback on our most recent writing assignment. I was looking forward to ideas and suggestions to improve my writing at a graduate level. Instead, the class was given a lecture… Continue reading Shifting My Thoughts on Writing Instruction