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Classroom DIY: Magnetic Dry Erase Tables


Making Shifts in My Classroom Design

This year I am making numerous shifts in my classroom design. I want to create a space that fosters deeper learning and collaboration. The first major shift in my classroom is getting rid of the desks. 

I tend to go big, or go home. With that being said, I wanted tables that could roll and were also dry erase. With a limited budget, there was no way I would be able to purchase my dream tables. However, we all know teachers are resourceful. I found three rolling tables for a very reasonable price on Craigslist. Teacher WIN! The only problem was, they were not dry erase. Luckily, I love a good DIY project.


DIY Steps for Magnetic Dry Erase Tables

Materials Needed

Painter’s Tape

Magnetic Primer

Dense Foam Paint Roller

Paint Trays

Dry Erase Paint

Step # 1- Tape Sides of Table


Step # 2- Paint Tables with Magnetic Primer & Let Dry Overnight

Step # 3-  Prepare Dry Erase Paint

The directions on the package are very easy to follow. Make sure you have a least two hours to paint. The paint must be used right away.

Step # 4-  Paint Tables With Dry Erase Paint

The directions say to wait at least 30 mins between coats. It may take 4-5 coats to fully cover the magnetic primer.

Step # 5-  Let Tables Dry Overnight, Pull Off Tape & Enjoy




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