Interactive Place Value Mini-Lessons

I LOVE Place Value

I love teaching place value! But more than teaching it, I love seeing my students discover the wonderful patterns in our number system. Math isn’t about memorizing steps, it’s about discovery and connections. It’s that mindset that drives my lessons.

Below are some fun lessons to help that light bulb go off in the minds of your students.

Wall Place Value Review

Have students tape up numbers to create a number in any place value that works for your class. Next, I had them come up and write the values underneath. The picture doesn’t show it, but the students also added the period names and comma. Simply stated, the students created a place value chart using the index cards. The students had clipboards and their notebooks to answer questions we discussed throughout the lesson.

Jumping for Place Value

Who doesn’t love to go outside on a beautiful day? And why not bring your place value lesson out with you?

My students needed some additional work in reading larger numbers, and what better way than to engage our senses. In the boxes, I asked my students to create any 6-digit number. Then they took turns jumping to reach each number. We discussed that you always stop in the hundreds place of any period and say “hundred”. Students paused in the hundreds. We then reviewed that the next two numbers are read together. Those were quick jumps. *Don’t forget to jump on the comma* that names the period.

Number Change-Up

My students love being outside! So again, why not bring the lesson to the place they love most.

I provided each student with 7 index cards that had been created before the lesson. They had to listen to my directions and create a number using my clues.

  1. Create the largest number possible using all numbers.
  2. Create the smallest number possible using all numbers.
  3. Create a number where the number in which there is 3 hundreds or 300.

There are so many variations for this activity. It can be done with post-its, and can also be done anywhere. We just prefer the sunshine.


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